Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 30

Chapter 30. SEEdarana Guru
(Teacher turned as Disciple)

EthiRasar’s (Sri Ramanuja) fame was spreading like a forest fire through out the land. He preached Meemamsa and other Sastras to those who came and accepted him as Guru. Once when the mother of YAdava PrakAsar visited Kanchipuram, she pleaded to the LORD to make her son to become the disciple of Sri Ramanuja. She also told her son about this and requested him to surrender to Sri Ramanuja and accept him as his Guru. He was hesitant to do that.One night, Perarulalan, the LORD of Kanchi, came in the dream of YAdava and pacified him to accept the Sanyasa Dharma and get associated with Sri Ramanuja as his Guru. As YAdava PrakAsar was not able to finalise on the dream, he enquired about the incidence to Tirukachi Nambi. But Tirukachi Nambi answered him that the LORD was actually asking whether he is re-checking on the dream, YAdava PrakAsar got stunned and went immediately to meet Sri Ramanuja. Both the earlier Guru (YAdava) and the disciple (ElaiAzhwar) met. Sri Ramanuja exchanged pleasantries and directed Kooresar to provide the quotes from Vedas, Upanishads and PurAnas which establish the Principles of Vishistadvaitha. Later Sri Ramanuja executed PanchaSamskAra to YAdava PrakAsar and named him as ‘Govindha Jeeyar’. As per Sri Ramanuja’s direction, later on Govindha Jeeyar wrote a literary work called ‘Yathi Dharma Samuchayam’ at the age of 80.