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Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 019

Chapter 19. Sosthira Rathinathin Eerppu
(Attraction towards Sosthira Rathinam)

Periya Nambi who had been entrusted with the task of bringing rAmAnujA to SriRangam went to Kanchipuram and discussed the purpose of his visit with Tirukkacchi Nambi. Tirukkacchi Nambi, who knew Sri AlavandAr’s vision for VaishNavism, consented and asked Periya Nambi to take ElaiAzhwar to SriRangam.

RAmAnujA, the dutiful young lad, had gone to the Salai Keenaru and, Periya Nambi went in search of the one man who had been blessed by NammAzhwAr with the verse ‘Poliga Poliga’ in the sacred TiruvAimozhi.

On his way, he took to singing the verses of the Stotraratnam of SriyAmunamuni and when rAmAnujA came across the older savant, he was struck by the beauty of the verses and their import. He instituted enquiries to determine the identity of the composer. Periya Nambi proudly identified the composer as SriyAmunAchAryA. He explained the revered scholar’s status as the descendant of yogi nAthamuni and told him that he lived in SriRangam.
ElaiAzhwar asked, “Can I able to meet him..?”

Periya Nambi informed the young scholar that the leader of the SriVaishNavAs at SriRangam wanted to meet him. RAmAnujA was overjoyed at the prospect of doing so and completed his kaimkaryam for the day. Then he obtained the permission and blessings of the Lord of Kanchi and his beloved Tirukkacchi Nambi and without informing his family left for SriRangam with Periya Nambi.

It was the year 1042 and ElaiAzhwar was 25 years old. Periya Nambi enthralled rAmAnujA with an honest account of SriyAmunamuni’s devotion, erudition and unrivalled glory as they walked to SriRangam.

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