Friday, November 2, 2007

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 005

Childhood & Education

ElaiyAzhwAr was a celebrity even in his tender years and was undoubtedly the pride of SriPerumpudur. He is said to have been the brother of two younger sisters; ‘Bhoomi NAcchiyAr’ and ‘KamalAmbAl’.

After 8 years, ElaiAzhwAr’s mother’s sister was blessed with a child in the year 1025 A.D. Periya Tirumalai Nambi came from TirumalA and named the baby ‘Govindan’.

Both ElaiAzhwAr and Govindan commenced Vedic study at an appropriate age.. Their early Vedic lessons were from ElaiAzhwAr’s father Sri Kesava SomayAji. ElaiAzhwAr also took part in the divine service of Sri AdiKeshava Perumal, the LORD of Sri Perumpudur. The great Bhaktha of PaeraruLaaLan, SriTirukkacchi Nambi was in the habit of visiting his friend Kesava Somyaji while en route to Kancheepuram from Poonamallee. He came to admire young ElaiAzhwAr’s redoubtable service to the temple and was impressed with his exemplary conduct.

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