Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 014

Guru’s Shock and Continuation of Education

After leaving Govindhan in KALahasti, YAdavaprakAsA returned to KAnchi. There he was given to behold a most shocking sight. He saw ElaiAzhwar carrying a pot on his shoulder and walking towards the PaeraruLALan Temple. Upon reaching his residence he sent his disciples to get ElaiAzhwar back to his school.

The gullible boys went up to ElaiAzhwar and told him that the guru had been helpless when ElaiAzhwar had been feared lost during the trip to KAshi. They added, without being aware of all that had transpired that rAmAnujA had been saved by the prayers of YAdavA and advised him to meet the latter. RAmAnujA came to know of Govindan from his erstwhile classmates.

ElaiAzhwAr went back to meet his former guru and narrated to him the story of the hunter couple. YAdavA understood that the incident was an instance of divine protection. He asked the young boy to continue his education with him. He took comfort in the belief that ElaiAzhwAr was not aware of his conspiracy.

ElaiAzhwar became the former’s disciple once again after obtaining the permission and blessings of his mother and Thirukkacchi NambigaL. However, he made it a point to continue his Theertha Kaimkaryam to the Lord of the Kanchi Temple.

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