Friday, November 2, 2007

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 010

Aavarar Thunai ? (Who will escort?)

After traveling for many days, the party reached the mountain ranges of the Vindhyas. One fine day Govindan stumbled upon the secret plans of YAdavaprakAsA. He kept this knowledge to himself and waited for the right moment. When the time came, he roused the sleeping ElaiAzhwAr and apprised him of the conspiracy. RAmAnujA was thoroughly upset. Govindan asked his cousin to get away from the murderous AchAryA without wasting any more time. Also he assured IlaiyAzhwAr that he would accompany the group all the way to KAshi to avoid attracting suspicion.

Govindan accompanied ElaiAzhwAr till the end of the grove in which they had camped. After parting with his dear cousin, ElaiAzhwAr walked through the dark jungle. This is symbolic of the fact of the JivAtma’s isolation in the world. None but the Lord can be the companion of any JivAtman. Tiredness took its toll on the young boy and he succumbed to an attack of dizziness. Truly, the Jivan wandering through the forest called life experiences the darkness of ignorance and grows tired of the vicissitudes of life. When there is no one to turn to including one’s own self, the Lord appears.

RAmAnujA being Sriman NArAyaNA’s beloved servant did not remain uncared for. Help arrived, in the form a hunter and his wife.

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