Friday, November 2, 2007

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 013

Ullankai konarntha NAyanAr

Govindan, who was responsible for rAmAnujA’s escape to safety, had joined YAdavaprakASA’s group soon after the adventure. The next day had dawned unceremoniously when YAdavA discovered that LakshmaNan was missing.

Govindan lamented the ostensible loss of his cousin and the wicked pseudo-philosopher displayed sham grief to ward of suspicion.

In keeping with the charade of being genuinely concerned for IlaiyAzhwAr’s safety, he sent a few students in search of rAmAnujA. He nursed a secret hope that the boy would have been devoured by wild beasts.

As they made their journey towards kAshi, he beguiled Govindan into accepting him as a better being than he was in actuality.

When they camped at Kashi, YAdavA and his students bathed religiously in the sacred Ganges. One day, Govindan found a Sivalingam in the waters of the Ganges, and YAdavA, who had planted it there to fool the young boy, made him take to the Saivaite mode of worship, christening him ‘Ullankai Konarntha NAyanAr’.

On their way to kAnchi, the group camped for some time at KALahasti, a prominent Saiva-kshetram. Govindan decided to remain there with the permission of YAdavaprakAsA. Govindan made a small trip to Maduramangalam, and consecrated the LingA he had obtained from the Ganges, after which he returned to KALahasti.

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