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Ramanuja Vaibhavam - Introduction

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Inroduction

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Preview and Review from Editor’s Desk:

Inspired by the book Swamy’s “Ramanuja Vaibhavam”, published by Sri R.V. Swamy at Srirangam Karuthurai Mandapam opposite to Sri RengaNachiyar Sannathi on 23rd April' 2007, we determined to put on the contents of book on web through our site.

The book has been shaped in such a manner that we get to know the minute details of the incidents happened in Sri Ramanuja’s life. Also the details of Acharyas and Guru Parampara are given in the book. Many places quotes from Ramanuja Vaibhavam by Sri Vadivazhgiya Nambi Dasar, Adhikara Sankraham by Swami Vedantha Desikar, Ramanuja Nutrandadhi by Sri Thiruvarangathamudhanar and UbhaDesaRathinamalai by Sri Manavala Mamunigal are provided by the author.

A detail index on the Acharaya’s Thirunaksthras is also provided as a ready-reckoner. Details of history before and after Sri Ramanuja was dealt in correct preposition in such a way that one can understand the fall and raise of Sri Vaishanavism through this book.

Though this book is another milestone for the author among his works like Tiruvarangan Andhadhi, Divyadesa ManiMalai, Kuresan Tiruandhadhi. etc…., this is equal to the Centre Sapaphire Diamond adorning Namperumal’s Pandiyan Kondai. As the author himself is named by Namperumal to write the book, (see his initials Ramanuja Vaibhavam Swamy– R.V. Swamy),

we are sure that the author’s fame and name will be there in the world till there is sun and moon in the universe. (We have made an attempt to transliterate most of the contents in the book as it is with due diligence to the author’s way of writing. Due to linguistic constraints, some phrases were translated accordingly to provide the contents of the context instead of the contains of the context)

A Curtain RaiserIt is evident from the histories of many countries that at various ages and centuries, many sages and scholars were born to refine the society and social behavior of the mankind then and there when both seem to get derailed. Among such scholars, the one who scores high in the hearts of Vaishanvas (not only) and first in the best and who was called as

  • ‘Ilayazhwar’ by Periya Thirumalai Nambi
  • ‘BoodhaPuriser’ by Sriperumbudur ADIKESAVA PERUMAL
  • ‘Am Mudalvan Evan’ by Sri Alavandar • ‘Ethirajar’ and ‘RamanujaMuni’ by Kanchi PERARULALA PERUMAL
  • ‘Udayavar’ by Srirangam PERIYA PERUMAL
  • ‘Emperumanar’ by Tirukozhtiyur Nambi
  • ‘Tiruppavai Jeeyar’ by Periya Nambi
  • ‘Lakshmana Muni’ by Tiruvaranga Perumal Arayar
  • ‘Sadagopan Ponnadi’ by Tirumalaiyandan
  • ‘Sri Bashyakarar’ by KALAIMAGAL
  • ‘DesiKendiran’ by Tirupathi TIRUVENKATAMUDAYAN
  • ‘Koil Annan’ by Srivilliputhur KOTHAI NACHIYARis none other than our “SRI RAMANUJAR”

He is a Yuga Purusha, whom cannot be forgotten by Time and Mankind. He achieved many as single handedly those things which are not achievable by even LORD by many incarnations.He is man of character. He preached and practiced peace and won many by the same. He led a life on the Azhwars’s thoughts and re-established many temples and traditions followed in temples. More over all the above, he was a social reformer with kindness towards mankind. He preached Vishistadvaitha and made Vaishnavisam to attain its glory in all parts of the country. He made and showed all sort of Kaiynkariyas irregardless of the importance to it is the same to GOD. He also demonstrated the same by doing Kaiynkariyas starting from fetching of water for the GOD to writing the meaning (Bashyas) for many slogas (Poems / scripts in Sanskrit). He traveled a lot to spread the way of attaining Mukthi by ‘Saranagathi’ (Throwing oneself to GOD fully). He lived for 120 years with such fame in the history that there is no scholar like him before and after him. His history is equivalent to epics we have with us. The story of the Divine soul who was Adhisesha in Kirthayuga, Lakshmana in Therthayuga, Balarama in Dwaparayuga and Sri Ramanuja in Kaliyuga is really great to listen and beyond words for writing.

Let us get into the History of Sri Ramanuja……!!!

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Srivathsa rao i said...

How do you prove that krishna is paripurna in vishistaadvaita?.....
because krishna only said that he is paripurna in bhagavath geetha...

but ,according to vishistaadvaita...we are brahman,at the same time ,we are not paripurna...similar case applies to,how is krishna paripurna in vishistaadvaita?