Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 26

Chapter 26. ThanjamambALin IrandAvathu Kuttram (Thanjamambal’s Second Offence)

rAmAnujA and Periya Nambi duly reached Kanchi with their families. rAmAnujA requested his AchAryA to perform the confirmation for his wife ThanjamambAL. The preceptor consented and she too became a SriVaishNavA. The two families moved into rAmAnujA’s residence, and the young stalwart made room for Periya Nambi’s wife and Nambi in the western portion of his house. Pleased with his love and devotion, Nambi imparted all that he could, of the VedAntA and AgamA literature to rAmAnujA. He also taught him the prabandhams of the AzhwArs. However, before he could commence instruction on the nectarine Thiruvaimozhi, rakshakAmbAL committed her second offence which was to cause much agony to rAmAnujA. One day, when rAmAnujA had been away, his wife and Nambi’s wife had an unpleasant encounter. Both of them had gone to the well in the backyard to obtain water. A drop of water from Nambi’s wife’s pot fell into ThanjamambAL’s vessel, and this enraged the young lady. She accused Nambi’s wife of having intentionally contaminated her water and displayed a sense of superiority which wounded Nambi and his wife. Without leaving word for rAmAnujA, they hastened away from his house. rAmAnujA came to know of this and caught up with the couple as they were heading out of Kanchi. Nambi did not wish to turn rAmAnujA against his wife, so he informed the disturbed scholar that he wanted to return to his beloved NamperumAL and was hence heading to SriRangam. rAmAnujA made a mental note of his wife’s second offence.

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