Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 22

Chapter 22. Thanjamambalin Muthal Kutram (Thanjamambal’s first offense)

When ElaiAzhwar returned to Kanchi, he found his wife was upset with him. He explained the situation under which he visited Srirangam. He then met ThrukachiNambi and told him the demise of Sri Alavandar. He also pledged him to be his Guru. But Thirukachi Nambi consoled ElaiAzhwar and explained that being a Vysya by birth; he can’t be a guru to ElaiAzhwar who is a Brahmin and advised ElaiAzhwar that he will be blessed with a Guru by the LORD of Kanchi soon.Not to force him further, ElaiAzhwar decided to invite Thirukachi Nambi to his house as guest, offer him food and take the remaining as Prasad by way accept him as Guru. Unaware of this, Thirukachi Nambi accepted his invitation. ElaiAzhwar informed his wife to prepare for the best lunch. Eventhough Thanjamambal was not interested in preparing food for Thirukachi Nambi, she did due to ElaiAzhwar’s order. When ElaiAzhwar left to get Thirukachi Nambi via south street, knowing the desire of ElaiAzhwar, Thirukachi Nambi came to ElaiAzhwar’s house by North street. He also informed Thanjamambal that he need to go to temple for Kainkaryam hence asked her to serve the lunch in the veranda itself before ElaiAzhwar returns. Thanjamambal too served the lunch to Thirukachi Nambi in the veranda of the house as he wished. Nambi hurriedly took the lunch and removed the banana leaf which the lunch was served and left the house. Once he left, Thanjamambal cleaned the place with cow dung and gave the remaining to beggars. She took a bath and prepared fresh food for her husband ElaiAzhwar. ElaiAzhwar, when returned found that she has taken bath at that irregular time and preparing lunch fresh. He enquired her and came to know about Nambi’s visit and her approach towards it. He felt very bad and noted it as her first offence and forgave her. Note: But as a gesture of fulfilling Ramanuja’s desire, even today in Srirangam, during the Adyanostavam Ramanuja is served after Nambi.

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