Friday, June 6, 2008

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 23

Chapter 23. PERARULANANIN Aaru vArthaigal
(Six oracles of LORD of Kanchi)

ElaiAzhwar met Thirukachi nambi and asked him to apologise for the incident. Nambi consoled him. Taking that as the right time, ElaiAzhwar decided to ask his various doubts to the LORD of Kanchi and without uttering the same to Nambi, pledged him to get the answers from the LORD.

Being the closet to the LORD, Nambi though not informed by ElaiAzhwar, he informed the LORD about the mindset of ElaiAzhwar. The LORD too was kind enough and replied only the answers as questions were not told.

1. NaME Paramporul.
(I am the supreme soul)
2. Jeevathma Veyru Paramathma Veyru
(Living souls are different from supreme soul)
3. Ennai Sarandaivathey Mukthikku Vazhi
(Surrrending oneself to me is the only path to the eternal world)
4. Ennai Saranadainthavargal Marana Kalathil Ennai Nenaika Theyvaillai
(Those who surrendered me, need not think about me in their life end)
5. En Adiyarkku Sareera Mudivil Moksham Alipen
(I bless those who surrendered me with eternality at the end of their bodily life)
6. Maha Poornaram Periya Nambiyai Guruvaga Kolga.
(Take the preaching from Periya Nambi)

Thirukachi Nambi told the above six divine replies / words of the LORD to ElaiAzhwar and asked whether these were the replies he needed?. ElaiAzhwar enjoyed the words from the LORD and expressed his pleasure and joy to Thirukachi Nambi.

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