Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 24

Chapter 24. Enniya Palan Yethiril Varal
(Result met on way)

In this period at Srirangam, the disciples of Sri Aalavandar were discussing about the next head of the mutt and establishment made by Aalavandar to preach Sri Vashnavism. They concluded that the next pontiff of the establishment can be none other than ElaiAzhwar alone as that was Sri Alavandar’s wish. They requested Periya Nambi to visit Kanchi and get ElaiAzhwar to Srirangam for accepting the post. Periya Nambi left for Kanchi along with his wife Vijayambal. At the same time, as per the words of the LORD, ElaiAzhwar started from kanchi to Srirangam to meet Periya Nambi and join him as Nambi’s disciple.

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