Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 28

Chapter 28. YatirAjar Aaathal
(Becoming the King of Ascetics’)

One cannot decide on one’s spiritual status without consulting the Lord. One may want to become an ascetic, but the Lord may want one to remain a householder. Also one person’s spiritual path is not suitable for another person. One size does not fit all. Therefore rAmAnujA wanted to seek PaeraruLALan’s consent for his decision. The Lord of Kanchi did more than just provide His assent. He welcomed rAmAnujA as ‘yatirAjar’(King of Ascetics) through His priests. RAmAnujA accepted the tridaNdam and the kAshAyam, the characteristic costume of ascetics, and declared that he had renounced everything.He was confirmed as rAmAnuja Muni. Thirukkacchi Nambi was ordered by the Lord to help rAmAnuja establish his monastery. Sri RAmAnujA was 32 years of age (a magic number), and it was in the year 1049 CE when he became the pontiff of the SriVaishNavAs under the benign guidance of PaeraruLALan.

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