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Ramanuja Vaibhavam Chapter - 29

Chapter 29. Muthal SEEdargal

(First Disciples)

Sri Ramanuja stayed and began of the new ear of SriVaishnavisam in the Mutt at Kanchi as directed by the LORD.

His nephew ‘Dasarathi’ from Purshamangalam met him and became his First Disciple. Sri Ramanuja named him as ‘MudaliyAndan’, who in later days was popularly knows as the Tirudhandam (Staff hold) and PAdukai (Scandals) of Sri Ramanuja.

During these happenings at Kanchipuram, at a place called Kooram, 5 Kms away, Kooresar who was born 8 years after Sri Ramanuja, was living with rich wealth and Popularity. Sri VatsangaMisrar, who was also called as Kooresar, was having a rich knowledge of Vedas and Idhihasas. He had a commendable memory power. He was married to Andal who is also good in deeds and served as a great life companion to Kooresar in his daily functions.

They were performing a daily AnnaDhana (Free Food) to all who visit their house. Their house doors are kept open always and hence called so too. They had a practice of closing the door only after the temple doors of Kancheepuram were closed by night.

Once due to some reasons, Kooresar’s house door was closed prior to the close of Kanchi Temple. On hearing the sound, the LORD enquired Tirukachi Nambi, as why the temple doors were closed before the completion of the Poojas. He replied about the Kooresar’s deeds and both the LORD and Thayar were astonished by the deeds and wealth of Kooresar.

On hearing this through Nambi, Kooresar felt depressed and immediately left away with his wealth and house. As he was already having plans to join with Sri Ramanuja, he went to meet Sri Ramanuja along with his wife. There Sri Ramanuja accepted him as his disciple by performing PanchasamSkAra and named him as ‘KoorathaAzhwan’. In later days he was profoundly called as the Pavithram (Ring) of Sri Ramanuja.

Following Mudaliyandan and KoorathAzhwan, VardhaDesikan the son of the couple MahadayAdEEsar and Kamalambal (Sri Ramanuja’s second sister), became the disciple of Sri Ramanuja. He was named as NadAthurAzhwan. After making a group of disciples, Sri Ramanuja thought to make his cousin brother Govindhan as his disciple. He was certain that this was possible only through his maternal uncle Periya Tirumalai Nambi. Hence sent a letter to him and requested him to get this task done.

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